I am a bit of a tea jenny and can get through a lots of cups of tea in a day. I am always looking to try new flavours, particularly, varieties of green tea as I really enjoy the taste. I came across Shibui Tea on Twitter and responded to a tweet offering samples for people to try.  They kindly replied and sent me some pyramid teabags to review. Shibui Tea are an independently owned, family run business based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Their teas are sourced from all over the world and they have over 200 varieties to choose from. Originating from Scotland myself, I felt like a had a bit of a connection and was very excited to try their tea. Something that I found very interesting and appealing about Shibui Tea is that the tea bags come wrapped in compostable packaging.  It looks very much like plastic but is actually made from something called, Natureflex, which means it can be put into food waste or compost heaps.  The pyramid tea bags are also biodegradable.  They can be put in with food for commercial composting but they are not suitable for home composting. I was kindly sent eight different varieties to try, which I have offered my opinion on, below: English Breakfast Who doesn’t love a good breakfast tea?  I enjoyed this with a good hearty breakfast and it was delicious. It was full bodied and flavoursome and just really set me up for a busy day.  It’s just what you expect from a good quality tea and I could drink endless cups. Early Grey This has that classic aroma of an Earl Grey and I could definitely smell an taste the Bergamot.  I don’t like my teabag left in for too long so it was just perfect but I think if I left it any longer it could have been a little strong for my taste. A very nice heart warming tea all the same. Rooibos and Orange Organic (Caffeine free) Ok, I’m not going to lie.  I had never heard of Rooibos before so I had to look it up.  I was interested to find that it is South African in origin and often compared to Hibiscus tea.  I can see the similarities actually.  It has an earthy feel to it but with a kick of citrus from the orange.  It was different to what I have tasted before but in a good way. Chocolate and Ginger (Caffeine free) I’ll be honest.  This tea has both my favourite and least favourite ingredient in so I was intrigued to find out what this tea tasted like.  The most notable flavour was the Ginger (my least favourite) and I really struggled to taste the Chocolate.  If I were asked to describe it, it would be that it tastes like a warm Ginger Snap biscuit.  It’s definitely one for a cold Winter’s night.  Not something I would drink all year round but I would buy it in for the festive season.
Tropical Green I have to say this is probably my favourite blend of all the tea samples I tried.  A green tea with a zingy fruity flavour.  It tasted like a holiday in a cup.  I loved it.  I’m not a fan of Ginger but it wasn’t an overpowering flavour in this tea.  It was delicious. Matcha and Sencha Organic I do generally love Matcha anyway but I really did enjoy this one.  It was a lovely light green tea and the Sencha provided that little bit of sweetness.  I can imagine sitting in the garden on a Summer’s morning with a cup of this in hand as it was nice and refreshing. Roll on Summer! Mulled Spice Organic This is your classic mulled spice flavour.  I like that it is a strong black tea with that Christmas kick.  It has fruity and floral notes which contrasts with the Clove and Cinnamon.  It’s just a pity that I’m not really a fan of Christmassy tea. Gingerbread (Caffeine free) This is another one that reminds me of Christmas.  It has that lovely aroma and evokes memories of Christmas but I personally struggle with some of the ingredients.  I am not a fan of Cinnamon and Clove and I could definitely taste those in this blend.  I can imagine it being quite a popular tea but it’s not something I would ordinarily order in a café.


Thanks to Shibui Tea for allowing me to taste some of your amazing blends.  I was not disappointed and will definitely be ordering some of my new favourites.  I would recommend the Tropical Green and Matcha & Sencha. Head over to their website at www.shibui-tea.co.uk and check out the amazing varieties of tea available. If you have already had the opportunity to try some of their tea, I’d also love to hear what your favourite is. Laura x