If you are reading this article then more than likely you have found your way here because you struggle with anxiety, know someone who does or maybe you just want to know more about Anxiety HIT.  Regardless of how you find yourself here, I just want to say thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you find it helpful.

My struggles with anxiety

Let me explain a little about my struggles and how I found myself looking for help with anxiety.  A series of difficult life events over the past five years, including, witnessing a family member passing away in front of me unexpectedly and having gone through two operations and two unsuccessful attempts at IVF, left me mentally exhausted, emotional, depressed and questioning the purpose of my life.  I thought I had come to terms with the above and processed the fact, that most likely, I will never have children of my own but  the stress and strain of this time lingered on in the background.

Slowly but surely the depression and, laterally, anxiety got worse to the point in February 2017 I had what I can only describe as a breakdown where I stopped being able to function. I couldn’t eat, sleep or get out of bed for weeks at a time.  I had regular panic attacks, a racing heartbeat and a constant feeling of dread every moment of every day.  I began to have recurring intrusive thoughts which didn’t make sense and played on a loop 24/7 in my head.  I was convinced everyone hated me, that I was a bad person and I didn’t deserve to be happy which eventually led to me wanting to end my life. 

Ever since this time, my life has been a minefield of appointments with mental health specialists, Psychiatrist’s, Psychologist’s, weeks of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), self-funded talking therapy and various medication.  Almost two and a half years later, I found myself no further forward, barely existing and not wanting to be on this planet any more.  I had no confidence or self esteem left. I didn’t go out, couldn’t work for the most part and I shut myself away in my bedroom fighting the urge to just end it.  That was until May 2019 when I finally found something that worked.

How did I find out about Anxiety HIT Therapy?

Like most anxiety sufferers, I scoured the internet trying to make sense of what was going in my mind.  I read article after article, joined numerous groups and discussion threads but I still couldn’t understand what was happening to me.  I think I searched “anxiety treatment ayrshire”, or something along those lines and eventually found Serenity by Kevin on Facebook where I first heard about Anxiety HIT.  Anxiety HIT is a new way of treating anxiety which was designed by Kevin to remove anxiety using a combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy. 

My mum and husband also followed the page and continued to tag me in numerous posts and videos, encouraging me to contact Kevin but I wasn’t ready to and ever the pessimist, convinced that it wasn’t going to help me.  Anyway, on 28 May 2019, I finally took the plunge and reached out to Kevin on Facebook.  I wasn’t expecting an instant reply given it was late at night but that is exactly what happened and before I knew it I was on my way for a consultation the very next evening. 

I’m not going to lie.  I was a nervous wreck sat in the car outside of the building with my stomach in knots and fighting the urge to turn around and go home, but I didn’t.  Following a brief chat with Kevin, I decided I had nothing to lose and signed up there and then to the Anxiety HIT programme and it’s proved to be the best thing I ever did to tackle the anxiety that has plagued my life.

What is Anxiety HIT Therapy?

This is the hard bit!  If you ask anyone who has experienced Anxiety HIT they will most likely struggle to explain exactly what it is and what happens.  You have probably heard the word therapy used many times and probably envisage sitting down with someone talking about your life and reliving every painful experience that has gotten you to this point.  Well, I can categorically state that’s not what happens.  Of course, Kevin will ask what brought you to see him but all he really needs to know is how you feel and what anxiety stops you from doing.  Anxiety HIT is designed to be fast acting over just of four sessions.  Yes, you read that correct.  All Kevin needs is four sessions with you to change your life.

I had never really heard the term NLP used before but this is the basis of Anxiety HIT which also incorporates some hypnotherapy.  NLP is basically understanding how people think and feel the way they do and being able to read the language and behaviour that someone uses in order to identify what is needed to help that person.  The purpose of NLP is to change your behaviour so that you can basically take back control of your life. I’m no professional so this is the best way I can explain it. There are various techniques that Kevin uses during the sessions but they are not obvious to the untrained person.  In all honesty, I wasn’t really aware of what they were at the time as all I could think about was how I was feeling.  On reflection and having done a little reading on it, I can definitely identify one or two techniques that Kevin used with me.  I’m not going to go into detail about what those were as this will be different for each individual. I also don’t want anyone reading this to over think the process if it’s something you are thinking of doing.  All I can say is that it works and I began to feel different after the first session.

I’ve been asked numerous times if I was hypnotised at any point and I would have to say yes.  I definitely experienced something I’ve never experienced before.  I wasn’t asleep but I was in a very relaxed state. I can remember some of what Kevin said to me during these times, more so in later sessions, but in the very first session I cannot remember any words at all.  I just remember Kevin’s voice.  It’s while I was in this relaxed state that Kevin spoke directly to my subconscious mind where all of these negative emotions and feelings reside.  He removed and replaced this negativity with positive thoughts and feelings. 

I had mentioned that I had been struggling to sleep and that I often found myself awake for days on end.  Kevin sent me a short recording to listen to every night before I went to sleep which helped me to relax and reinforced the positivity that had been absorbed by my subconscious mind during the sessions.  I have listened to it every night since it was sent to me and I can honestly say that this has helped me massively and I am sleeping much better. I also find that if I’ve not had a good day, for whatever reason, and I’m still bothered by something when I am going to bed that it just simply fades away and I wake up fresh in the morning ready to face the day ahead.

When did I begin to feel different?

I began to feel different straight away but it was straight after the third session that I clearly remember a complete change in my mind set.  I had no anxiety and I just felt really happy and like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  It was at this point that I began to open up on social media about my struggles.  I had wanted to do this for a long time but just never felt confident enough to do it.  I was afraid of what people would think and say but I have experienced nothing but kindness from both people who know me personally and those who don’t.  I completed my four sessions of Anxiety HIT with Kevin on 19 June 2019 just two days before my 35th birthday.  From start to finish, this was 20 days.  Four hours over that 20 day period was all it took to remove my anxiety.

What next?

For the first time in a long time I am actually looking forward and making plans for the future. Being able to wake up and just get on with life is a feeling I can’t explain and not something I’ll ever be complacent about.  I’m under no illusion that I will face challenges in life just like anyone else but I am in a much better place to be able to deal with whatever life throws at me.  Kevin, through Anxiety HIT, has taken away the negative thoughts and chronic anxiety and replaced it with positivity.  I am actually fascinated and it has really got me thinking about how I would love to be able to help people the way Kevin has helped me.  I am seriously considering learning more about NLP and hypnotherapy and possibly taking steps to become a life coach myself in the future.  I am beginning to think that maybe this was the plan all along for me and my experience and struggles have got me to where I need to be in life.

Serenity by Kevin

If you are in any doubt, please check out Serenity by Kevin at www.serenitynlp.com or go and follow Kevin on Facebook or Instagram.  Read the posts, the many videos and testimonials and see for yourself how life changing this type of therapy has been for many people, including myself. 

Anxiety It’s Time to Go 4

I recently attended an event run by Kevin in Glasgow on Saturday 3 August at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow.  The objective of Anxiety It’s Time To Go 4 was to remove anxiety on a large scale and to provide people with the tools to help them live their life the way they want.  I found the event so interesting, informative and very emotional. He helped so many people who were struggling with anxiety and depression.  It was amazing to witness.

Finally, I just want to say thanks to Kevin for helping me get back to who I really am.  I appreciated your direct approach but also your compassion and understanding.  I was made to feel comfortable as soon I walked through the door which makes all the difference when you are riddled with anxiety and self-doubt.  I never thought that only 20 days after my first session I would be waking up feeling happy and content with a genuine smile on my face.  It feels great to have the volume on those negative thoughts turned down so that I can no longer hear them.  

Thanks also for introducing me to the quote by John Green, “Your now is not your forever”.  This is the motto I now live my life by.


*All views expressed in this article are my own and based on my own personal experience.  I’m sharing my thoughts in the hope of helping people suffering with anxiety and negative thoughts.