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What is Bulbshare?

Bulbshare is a market research mobile app where brands share ideas and users get to provide valuable insight into those ideas.

Bulbshare brings brands closer to customers so they can understand exactly what customers want from their brand and allows them to ask their audience for ideas for solving issues within their business.

In exchange for this insight, users are usually paid for their ideas and opinions. Payments will be transferred via Paypal account.

All users on Bulbshare can follow one another which means you can add your friends and read their ideas and opinions.

How does it work?

A brand shows as a channel on your dashboard. See screenshot below. On signed up, you will be asked to select interests from a number of different categories which may determine which channels you get invited to. Some channels appear automatically and others you need to apply to join, usually via a survey to check that you are eligible.

Bulbshare Bulbshareapp BulbshareUK

When a brand has a task for you to complete you will receive a push notification and it will show up on your feed. This is known as a Brief. The Brief will give you instructions on what the brand is looking for or what you need to do to complete the task. See example below. It will also provide details of any incentive available for the completion of the task. A lot of the time rewards are limited to the first 100 or 200 people so you need to complete the Brief quickly to receive a reward. 


I have listed the Channels below which you are able to access via a passcode or by completing an eligibility survey. I will update this blog as and when further channels become available. As previously mentioned, some channels just appear on specific accounts.

Simple – Passcode is Kindness
Sexwise – Passcode is Sexwise
UK Beer Drinkers  – Passcode is Beerdrinkers
Change 4 life  – Passcode is Change4life

Future Breakfast Club

Complete the survey below to see if you are eligible to join this channel.


The Music Tech Tribe

Complete the survey below to see if you are eligible to join this channel.


In total, I have earned £110 from Bulbshare so it really is worthwhile signing up to as the Briefs are generally quite quick to complete. I recently received a Garnier hair product to test and I received a £20 reward too.

I hope this helps but please contact me should you have any questions.

Laura x

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